Question #1:

If I have a recipe using one tablespoon of butter how much of your ghee would I use as a replacement?

Answer #1:

Butter has 82% Milk Fat and Ghee has 100% Milk Fat. So if you are using 5 spoon of Butter; use 4 spoon of Ghee to replace that

Question #2:

Hi.  Are any of your products made from butter that comes from cows who are 100% grass fed and that grass is certified organic?  Also, are these cows in CAFO's?  How much time do they spend outdoors freely roaming?

Answer #2:
Milkio Organic Ghee is made from 100% grass fed organic butter (Cow's Milk Fat).
It stays fresh up to 24 months at room temperature when stored in a dark & non-humid place without freezing support. New Zealand is predominantly a Grass Fed / Pasture Fed dairying model. Cows roam 365 days on open pastures under sun, rain or hail; they do not have a barn to stand under any shade. You can find more on Youtube and Google about NZ Grass Fed Dairy model.